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Glass lined reactor is an outstanding anti-corrosion chemical reaction vessel. It is engineered from different steel lined with a layer of vitreous enamel with high density silicon dioxide. The vitreous enamel is firstly coated on the internal face of the steel vessel and then firmly adhered to it through high temperature sintering. As a result, the lining comes with both the stability of glass and the intensity of metal.
    1. Glass-Lined Reactor, K Type

      Since the cover can be separated from the body, the chemical process equipment comes with a diversity of agitating methods and is excellent for all kinds of users.

    1. Glass-Lined Reactor, F Type

      The F type glass lined reactor comes with a one-piece design that the cover and body can not be separated. Due to that, a manhole has to be designed on the head of the reactor to make it easy for operators to enter the reactor to carry out maintenance and parts replacement.

    1. Glass-Lined Reactor, Electric Heating Type

      The electric heated glass-lined reactor produced by Taiji is characterized by rapid heating property, excellent resistance to high temperature and corrosion, great hygienic performance, no environmental pollution, ease of use, etc.

Here at Taiji, we are proud to offer global customers a selection of K type, F type and horizontal type glass lined storage tanks. They are specially designed for storing organic solvents including acids, alcohols, gases, etc. The glass lined storage vessels from Taiji are complete in specifications, and provide strong resistance to corrosion, less prone to glass fracture, notable durability and many other advantages.
As a leader in glass lining technologies, Taiji offers not only a wide range of glass lined reactors and storage tanks but also other types of glass lined equipment such as glass-lined column, glass-lined filter, glass-lined shell and tube heat exchanger.
Taiji offers a comprehensive range of spare parts to help you minimize the downtime of your glass-lined equipment. Our glass lined parts include glass-lined thermowell, flush valve, speed reducer, manway cover, glass-lined pipes and fittings, high performance enamel, glass-lined agitator, etc.
    1. Glass-Lined Thermowell

      Our glass-lined thermowell is designed with a tantalum tip for temperature sensing and PT100 platinum RTD at its bottom. It guarantees precise and real-time measuring of temperature change inside the glass-lined reactor.

    1. Glass-Lined Flush Valve

      The flush valve can be fitted with tantalum tip to realize real time measurement of temperature in the reactor and thereby avoid temperature delay or error caused by using thermowell.

    1. Speed Reducer (for Glass-Lined Reactor)

      This type of speed reducer is featured by high transmission efficiency, exceptional stability, low noise, compact structure, reliable operation and long service life etc. Our glass-lined reactor employs this transmission device and is fitted with different power models according to the equipment capacities.

    1. Manway Cover (for Glass-Lined Reactor)

      Here you will find our superior manway cover solutions designed for glass-lined reactors. They ensure safe operation and ease of opening and cleaning.

    1. Glass-Lined Pipes and Fittings

      They are the preferred choice for the glass lined piping system of your storage tanks and reactors as they are quality constructed, pore-free and high voltage tested to prevent dangerous leaks.

    1. Split Flanges

      The split flange boasts two halves assembled with bolts and nuts, so it enables application after fabrication. Special design ensures ease of maintenance and inspection operations.

    1. PTFE Envelope Gasket

      The high quality gasket is composed of a non-asbestos corrugated stainless steel gasket and PTFE envelope. It is suitable for the glass-lined steel equipment with nominal pressure of at most 1Mpa and working temperature of -20℃~200℃.

    1. High Performance Enamel

      Also known as vitreous enamel comes with excellent resistance to corrosion of acidic and alkaline medium, mechanical shock and sharp temperature variation. Especially, it can resist the corrosion by all organic and inorganic acids, organic solvents and weak base except hydrofluoric acid and strong phosphoric acid.

    1. Glass-Lined Agitator

      The conventional type glass-lined agitator from Taiji is available in anchor type, paddle shape, turbine type, combination type, and other types.

    1. Glass-Lined Agitator (with Removable Blade)

      This type of glass lined steel agitator will maximize your process flexibility by allowing agitator blades to be installed, removed and changed to various types without having to open the cover of reactor.

    1. Mechanical Seals

      These mechanical seals ensure safe containment of the corrosive medium and keep the pressure inside your reactors unchanged.

At Taiji, we design and manufacture GMP-compliant glass-lined equipment, including glass-lined stainless steel reactor and glass-lined equipment with stainless steel coating. They are manufactured in strict compliance with GMP standards. All parts of the glass-lined steel equipment feature elaborate design and the complete equipment will be subject to rigorous commissioning before delivery. They are the first choice for sterile room, and pharmaceutical and food industries.
  • Stainless Steel Pressure VesselTaiji takes pride in supplying a wide range of stainless steel pressure vessels including storage tank, shell and tube heat exchange, reactor, agitator, filter and others. We are also in a position to manufacture non-standard pressure vessels using stainless steel, titanium steel and other materials according to the specific requirements of customers.

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