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  • Raw Materials

  • Steel Plates
    All of the steel plates and other steels that Taiji glass-lined equipment uses are from China well known steel plants such as Baosteel Group, Jinan Iron and Steel Group, etc. The steels are made to strict standards and meet our requirements for thickness and quality.

  • Manufacturing Process

  • Taiji is the first enterprise in China that produces glass-lined equipment using assembly line. According to customers' different needs, we make standard drawing and start production when customer confirms. From CNC feeding to welding, to enameling, through to assembling, each process is strictly controlled to avoid unqualified products.

  • Quality Control

  • Taiji is the only enterprise in the world that produces glass lined equipment by an assembly line. This produces more standard glass lined products with reliable quality and affordable price. With the self-developed advanced enamel and patented technology, Taiji's glass lined equipment is featured by the most reliable combination of steel vessel and glass lining in the industry. The company's manufacturing process and technology are always leading in the market. With exceptional durability, our products have won unanimous praise and trust from customers, and enjoyed a high demand that is always over supply since 2009. Why? It is because of our strict quality control which takes the credit.

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